OcuTech and Innoarea launch technology to detect COVID-19 using Artificial Intelligence and AR

Last May we carried out the first pilot test in the European Union of the technology developed together with the startup OcuTech, capable of detecting cases of covid-19 through an ocular photo.

OcuTech is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company that emerged after months of clinical trials and its technology has been developed by a multidisciplinary team of doctors and engineers from countries such as China, Spain and the USA.

After months of research we have realized that the eyes reflect an inflammatory pattern that we have seen is characteristic and specific to covid. This pattern is what this technology analyzes,” explains Paula Bonet, CEO of OcuTech.

COVID Detection with Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

From Innoarea we made an APP that both in mobile and smart glasses takes a picture of the person and automatically cuts out the eye area to analyze if there is inflammation at the level of the conjunctiva. The image is instantly sent to a server where it is studied by OcuTech’s Artificial Intelligence algorithm.

In a few seconds, this Machine Learning system that has been trained to detect signs of covid offers a result on a scale from 0 to 100 of the level of exposure to covid-19 and allows us to know whether the person wearing the AR glasses is positive or negative through a simple eye photograph.

“We use Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Vision to select these regions of the eyes when taking the photo, upload them to the server and the server where all the AI is, analyzes the image and gives the result we are looking for”, explains Alfonso Soriano, CEO of Innoarea.

Sectors which can benefit from this smart APP

The last year and a half has shown how important it is for companies in sectors such as leisure, tourism or culture to ensure security so that consumers have confidence again to travel, attend concerts and thus lose the fear of returning to normality.

This technological application is a great solution as it can help companies to do mass screening before any event to show their commitment to consumer welfare.

Our CEO says: “There are many areas where we want to apply this. In airports, for example, you can do these mass screenings by setting up a booth where everyone can take the test themselves.”

If using this covid-19 screening application via smart devices seems like the right option for your company or institution, talk to our team about scheduling a demonstration.

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