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Extended reality software for different business areas

We reduce time, increase security and boost your company's sales through intuitive technology

Maintenance and
work processes

Analyse and speed up your company's production, maintenance or assembly tasks using smart augmented and virtual reality applications.

and health

Train your teams or students through simulations based on emergency situations and reduce the risks of the work processes. Learn the way to a safer work technology environment

and sales

Provide added value to your products and services using AR and VR applications. These apps allow your clients viewing your products through a simple link or QR code. Your supplies are available from anywhere around the world

Maintenance and work processes

Remote support in real-time, step-by-step guidance and machine visualisation in real environments

  • Connect with the expert in less than 1 minute
  • Guide the worker while you see what he sees
  • Give real-time graphical prompts
  • Capture what the operator is seeing and make annotations
  • Save all information instantly
  • Access data through reports

Security and health

Training platforms and collaborative virtual environments focused on the prevention of occupational hazards

  • Risk and cost reduction in learning
  • Automated evaluation system
  • Training metrics
  • Simulation for emergency training
  • Simulation for training in critical situations

Marketing and sales

Virtual showrooms, augmented reality catalogues, 3D products and much more

  • Create Interest Through Technology
  • Offer experiences with a wow effec
  • Make your target audience the protagonist
  • Provide immersive brand experiences
  • Deliver your actions worldwide
  • Show your products in visual and emotional ways

Clients' success stories

José Ballester
Head of New Technologies

Thanks to Innoarea Projects we have been able to showcase our Par-ker product line in an innovative and experiential way through Virtual Reality. We have also standing out from other companies at the trade fairs. We are very happy with the results and with the treatment received from Innoarea

José Piñeiro
Manufacturing Department

Thanks to Innoarea Projects we have been able to optimize the installation process of the machinery through mixed reality technology. Our technicians have improved the experience and their work has been facilitated

Viola Erlenmaier
Marketing Manager

Thanks to the app that Innoarea developed specifically for us we have been able to show how our products work, all through Virtual Reality. The showroom is very interactive and attractive. We have also increased our position as a leader in technological innovation in our sector

David Fernández
E-learning and New Technologies Service Director

Thanks to the Virtual Reality app developed by Innoarea Projects we have been able to give our students an option very close to reality to train and practice their knowledge. Our future doctors and nurses will surely be more prepared now that they have already been in real situations virtually.

Desi Esclapez
Innovation Management in Research and Development

We are very pleased to have worked with Innoarea Projects for the development of new applications to train our technicians. Thanks to Virtual Reality technicians can train risk situations and complete their training in a faster and more effective way

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Companies that are already applying Virtual Reality

Today there are already several companies that are developing Virtual Reality in their projects. Its benefits and advantages are already a reality.

Virtual reality in companies

All the advantages that virtual reality can bring to companies can be translated into advances, innovation and a good image as a company.

Cartel VLC Startup Market al que asiste Innoarea

Innoarea Projects at VLC Startup Market

Innoarea Projects showed a virtual reality demo at its stand located in the Tech Corner of VLC Tech City