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We help our clients to implement VR, AR and RM solutions

Our mission statement

We work to build innovative companies

Innoarea was born with the aim of bringing innovation to companies and promoting the brand's message through intelligent Extended Reality (XR) solutions and devices. We are always looking to improve processes, the connection of work teams and productivity in the industrial sector companies. We connect people with people no matter the distance between them through intuitive, collaborative technology

Innoarea equipo
Innoarea Team

A technology company with great human talent

Great ideas and projects are only achieved when there is a great team behind them integrated by talented professionals, enthusiastic and excited about their work. At Innoarea we enjoy what we do and we share a non-conformist spirit of continuous growth. We work hard to improve every day and to learn in order to adapt to the devices and latest technology. VR & AR developers, programmers and a marketing and design team formed by 3D artists, account executives, business development managers and social media managers


Alfonso Soriano
Founder & CEO

Professor of design subjects at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Degree in Product Design and Development Engineering from the same university. In love with new technologies, design and fatherhood

Miguel Manglano
Business Development Manager

Graduated from IE Business School with a professional career in the Information Technology and Services sector and experience in Regional Human Resources

Jose Maestre
CTO & Lead Developer

From the world of videogame development, he specializes in the development of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality products within Innoarea's multidisciplinary team

We help companies, large and small, to use immersive technologies to make them grow technologically


Alvaro Palacios
Account Manager


Salvador Aparici
Senior XR Developer


Dolores Villalba
Office Management


Fran Guillem
Lead 3D Artist


David García
Project Manager


Andrés Moriel
Account Manager


Fernando Villanueva
XR Developer


Sergi Almagro
XR Developer

They trust us

Worldwide clients have trusted in our work and experience

We help brands use immersive technologies to grow their businesses technologically. Our clients are already succeeding and doing great things in their companies


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