SAR and VR solutions
for maintenance and industrial processes

Assist AR

Be in touch with the expert in less than a minute

Step AR

Guide the employee step by step

VR and AR Digital Twin

We generate realist and exact digital replicas of your objects

Assist AR

Be in touch with the expert in less than a minute

Remote industrial support software to provide a quick communication between an expert and an unskilled worker who needs technical assistance.
Assist AR is a platform which allows real-time monitoring and resolution of incidents using smart glasses that integrate the latest AR and MR technologies

  • Track and point out exactly where the incident is located to the worker by using AR pointers.
  • Multi-platform solution. Available from mobile, web and smart glasses
  • ️Reduce downtime, personnel and travel costs
  • Record sessions and access them from the web platform whenever you need to
  • No need technological knowledge. The use of the software is simple and intuitive
Step AR

Guide the employee step by step

The augmented reality APP that provides step-by-step instructions to an operator, speeding up the time it takes to act. In an agile way. Without complications. Safely. Step AR shows the professional content related to the machinery to be handled to help and guide him thanks to indications.

  • Performs industrial procedures of assembly, maintenance or repair of machinery in a few minutes.
VR and AR Digital Twin

We generate realist and exact digital replicas of your objects

We digitalize your physical assets by creating true Digital Twins of your products. Innoarea's solution allows you to visualise digital clones of any object, machine, production line or even an installation on a real scale and obtain detailed information regarding its elements, structure and materials.

  • Carry out predictive maintenance of your company's industrial devices
  • Examine and test the digital prototype, checking for possible malfunctions before it has been manufactured
  • Reduces costs and the lead time

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