Digital Twin
Digital replica generation of machinery and industrial processes

The Digital Twin is a highly accurate virtual representation of physical assets and engineering processes: an aircraft turbine, machines, industrial plants or complete wind farms. This virtual digital model incorporates real-time data from its physical analog obtained through sensors and systems which integrate Big Data, AI and Cloud Computing technologies in order to simulate production scenarios and replicate them later on in the factory. Implement the Digital Twin technology solution and manage your assets more efficiently and securely.


100% accessible

You will be able to visualize the 3D model of the physical asset in Augmented Reality using a tactile device


Access to the digital twin through different smart devices.

Agile user experience

You will be able to work with the digital twin in a simple, intuitive and improved interface


Download our Digital Twin data sheet.

All the specifications of this product in a single sheet

Download data sheet

Reduce design errors

Produces "live" prototypes on which to implement testing and design improvements identifying potential failures before production begins

Monitor data, anticipate what will happen and make quick decisions

Obtain real-time information through IoT sensors embedded in the physical machines or production plants which show any possible incident or failure on its digital twin

Analyze the physical model's behavior

Knows how the physical asset will perform in specific situations and experiments with the digital model without taking any risk

Test production viability

Check at the earliest design stage whether it is viable to manufacture a model without the need to build prototypes, speeding up product development cycles

Predict downtime

Improve your plant floor workflows by obtaining real-time data to help you understand the performance of your machinery.

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