Assist AR
Real-time troubleshooting through Augmented Reality technology

Provides remote industrial technician assistance and solves incidents quickly through a live video call using smart glasses, which integrate the latest generation of Augmented and Mixed Reality systems.

Some of the clients that trust Assist AR from Innoarea

Multi-platform access

The expert will be able to visualize the incident using mobile devices, web and smart glasses


Connect with one or more experts at the same time and collaborate with them as if they were there

Chat with simultaneous translation

Communicate with people from anywhere in the world

Real-time pointer

Guide easily to the technician during the session


Take images and add instructions instantly

DSketch on the image

Support the technician using illustrations

Data traceability

Speeds up the access to any incident information

With Assist AR you can start a remote support session in 3 easy steps:


Connect you with the expert

The remote expert will create an incident through the web platform and the technician will join from the augmented reality goggles or the mobile device


Invite expert or external suppliers

More experts can join on your web platform from any location


Guide the worker step by step

The expert will lead the field technician through AR visual instructions. These incidents will be saved for future requests on the web platform

Assist AR try it for free for 14 days

    Reduce traveling and transport costs

    The expert will provide immediate technical assistance without physically traveling to the industrial plant, speeding up time and reducing travel expenses

    100% hands-free device

    Reduce time spent on troubleshooting and minimize plant shutdowns or prolonged downtime

    100% hands-free device

    Resolve issues while keeping your hands free. The technician gets the support needed while keeping their hands available to operate industrial machinery comfortably and safely

    Transport expert knowledge from anywhere just when your technicians need it most

    Connect the expert immediately with the person who needs technical support at the right time when the operator needs help to perform industrial maintenance, repair or installation tasks


    1 Expert

    3 Technician

    10Gb Storage

    24/7 Support

    220 €/month*


    2 Expert

    6 Technician

    15Gb Storage

    24/7 Support

    440 €/month*


    3 Expert

    10 Technician

    20Gb Storage

    24/7 Support

    780 €/month*


    *Ask for personalized options and discount for annual payment

    *Annual payment

    Download our Assist AR datasheet

    All the specifications of this product in a single sheet

    Download datasheet

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