The Virtual Showroom: The new way to show products, immersive and experiential.

For the last years, companies have been choosing to introduce to their customers, especially at trade fairs, using the Virtual Showroom.

What is a virtual showroom and how does it work?

The Virtual Showroom is an interactive experience that uses new technological solutions, from the most basic (360º images) to the most immersive (VR real time application), thanks to which customers can comfortably view the products virtually without having to move around.

The technology for safety and security

In the current situation, the Virtual Showroom is an ideal and safe solution. The restrictions adopted by COVID-19 do not allow to act as before, such as visiting customers, potential collaborators, etc. The emotions of direct contact and the possibility to see, touch and try the products or services are lost.

Thanks to the Virtual Showroom it is possible to go beyond the limitations, offering an interactive experience, which is close to reality, guaranteeing a complete presentation of information capable of surpassing any live presentation.

The Virtual Showroom is a portable experience that allows significant cost savings thanks to its reusability without investment and its possible continuous development. For example, when participating in a trade fair, presenting products through this type of showroom saves costs of: transportation, assembly, installation and displacement of technical personnel.

The experience is the key factor

The experience is the key factor
Customers, both B2B and B2C, demand experiences which have an impact, allowing them to feel emotions, which will be connected to the perception of the brand. As a consequence, the stronger the experience is, the more it will be remembered by the customer.

According to a study developed by Greenlight VR, 53% of consumers prefer brands that offer virtual experiences, so in fairs and events it becomes a powerful tool to capture the attention of attendees.

It is a fact that the brand will have an innovative image, increasing interest in the product or service it offers. Therefore, one of the most important phases of the relationship with the customer, the retention of the brand, will be achieved more quickly, providing a great differential value compared to the competition.

It is also interesting to mention that in addition to the Showroom, companies are also using the AR Catalog, an app for mobile devices that shows the product in the physical catalog in 3D with Augmented Reality, allowing a complete presentation of the products and services, causing the “wow” effect.

Virtual and augmented reality applications

The Virtual Showroom experience has many different applications, among the most important we find:

  • Remote presentations.
  • Trade shows.
  • Events.

“The immersive capacity is one of the most significant potentials of the virtual showroom”

In conclusion, new technologies represent the solution when facing difficult situations offering an interactive experience that does not eliminate the emotions of real contact.

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