Innoarea Projects launches Medical Training Platform: virtual reality for medicine and healthcare

On Friday, November 22, we were at the Virgen de los Desamparados Campus of “Universidad Católica de Valencia San Vicente Mártir” together with David Fernández, dean of the UCV Faculty of Nursing, in order to present the Medical Training Platform, the training platform that we have developed in collaboration with the university to train nursing and medical students. 

Medical Training Platform was designed in a realistic 3D environment with an intuitive interface, allowing it to authentically simulate an operating room in which future healthcare professionals (nurses, physiotherapists, surgeons, doctors or nursing assistants) have the opportunity to test their knowledge and develop their skills by recreating specific situations.

Within the virtual reality experience, students can choose between observing up close certain muscles and organs of the human body, touching them and interacting with them through the controller; or forming a skeleton from the bones that are placed on the surgical table, starting from three levels of difficulty (easy, medium and difficult).

Our CEO, Alfonso Soriano, presented this new platform to the teachers and students of the Nursing Degree of the UCV and explained the infinite possibilities it has for the world of medicine. After the demonstration, the attendees were able to experience our training in first person through virtual reality glasses.

VR technology beyond the medical-health field is increasingly being used for learning in a wide variety of industries (automotive, industry, architecture, aviation, etc.).

The data reveals very interesting benefits of VR.  Recent studies developed by HP Reverb VR show that VR-based training has a 75% retention rate compared to 10% via conference and 5% via documentation.

We are really excited about this project and we are sure that this is a very important step for medicine. It will improve the training of healthcare students, making professionals who are about to enter the labor market more prepared and experienced. 

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