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VR Training for NCL

Founded in 1966, NCL is one of the world’s largest shipping companies, operating in every corner of the world. In collaboration with Innoarea, a Virtual Reality application was created for its employees. This consists of a fully customised training focused on the tasks that the crew has to perform.

The use of Virtual Reality has been key in this project, allowing the user to enter completely into a virtual space that perfectly emulates the scenario they have to face in the real world. This allows it to be an experience with infinite uses and with the capacity to be used anywhere in the world.


No work-related incidents

Operators gain experience in a safe virtual environment where they practice without risk.

Increases productivity

Your employees perform complex industrial operations in less time by making decisions in an agile way.

Avoids displacement

With Training VR you reduce a lot of travel and save costs.


NCL wanted some way to improve its employees' processes. Safety review was their goal, both theoretically and practically. In addition, they valued that the proposal should have added value such as cost savings, reusability and ease of movement.


The proposed solution was the creation of VR Training, with which you can easily train the skills of new employees with simulated training in a controlled immersive environment. It drives better staff training results in less time, streamlining the learning curve of complex operations through learning by doing experiences.


The technology used for this project was Virtual Reality, with which we ensured that the user can enter a virtual scenario similar to the real one, in order to be able to practice as faithfully as possible. It also means having a product with full availability, reporting, monitoring and without capacity problems.

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