Virtual Showroom for AIMPLAS Innovation Projects

Thanks to the Virtual Showroom solution, AIMPLAS can present its new sustainable products in an immersive way. The Technological Institute of Plastics (AIMPLAS) is one of the leading companies in the plastics sector with more than 30 years of experience. It is responsible for developing innovative materials related to the plastics industry, improving the properties of the packaging used by companies throughout their production chain. The company operates in different sectors such as construction, recycling and environment, electronics, medicine, nautical or automotive, among many others. Through I+D+i, they contribute to solving the challenges facing society in relation to plastics in order to improve people’s quality of life and ensure environmental sustainability.

Leaders in innovation

AIMPLAS is positioned as an innovative company within the sector.

Cost savings

Travel costs are eliminated.

Improving sales tools

Facilitates users' understanding of product values.

Interactive showroom

High-definition technology for immersive product presentation.

360º brand experience

Immersive tool that helps AIMPLAS stand out from the competition.

Innovative, agile and easy to use APP

Conveniently access the APP and interact in the most natural way with your hands.


The challenge of AIMPLAS lies in the complexity of showing the different innovation projects of AIMPLAS. In fact, the magnitude of the materials makes impossible the transfer, installation and commercial actions organized throughout Spain. This implies an important reduction of the possibilities of expansion and sale of the product. The latter needs to be tested and seen by customers in order to speed up the purchasing process. Moreover, in this case the projects need to be explained in detail due to the technological complexity and innovation provided by the company.


At Innoarea we developed a Virtual Showroom to offer AIMPLAS customers a fully immersive experience. In it the user can move freely thanks to VR glasses through different scenarios in which AIMPLAS materials can be visualized. In fact, once the assistant puts on the glasses, he/she has the feeling of being physically in each of the rooms, where through the Virtual Reality controls, he/she can obtain information about different objects designed by AIMPLAS.


For this project we have opted for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality device, which allows us to achieve maximum graphic quality as it works connected to a computer. The Oculus Insight system works at room scale, allowing users to move around a real space to interact with the application. The Rift S viewer has five sensors to track movement, with a system that enhances the tracking of the closest position to improve the sensation when grasping and pointing at objects in the game.

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