Virtual Showroom and Augmented Catalog with Prilux

The new marketing is digital.

Because of the Light + Building 2018 fair, Innoarea projects developed two different experiences for Prilux. For the launch of its Technical catalog, Prilux opted for Augmented Reality, creating an application for both Android and iOS in which the customer can see the product in 3D from anywhere in the world and even interact with it.

As a solution for the stand at the fair, a Virtual Reality experience was developed to show the dynamism and technology of Prilux in a real case, so that the viewer could feel the sensation of being surrounded by Prilux lights.

Innovation Leaders

Prilux is positioned as an innovative company within its sector.

3D Product Visualization

Augmented Reality allows you to create an interactive experience with products.

Cost savings and Marketing

Reuse of expertise without investment and improvement of communication and sales tools.


Prilux wants to improve the visualization of its products to make it easier for customers to understand. The challenge is not to have to move the products to the customer or the customer to the products physically. It required some solutions that could provide all the information to its customers.


To meet the needs of Prilux, we chose to implement two types of solutions. An Augmented Reality application that would allow the user who was viewing the catalog to visualize Prilux products in an innovative way, and for the Light + Building 2018 fair, a Virtual Reality experience in which the public would be involved with Prilux technology.


Augmented Reality (or Augmented Reality, AR) is a technology that allows us to superimpose virtual elements over our vision of reality. It also allows us to magnify what our eyes see, using technological devices such as cell phones, tablets, etc. Virtual Reality, on the other hand, totally transports us to a virtual world which we can access through a Virtual Reality device.

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