MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises trains its crew using VR Training

MSC Cruises, with more than 300 years of experience in the maritime sector, is today considered the third largest cruise company in the world and has more than 30,000 employees worldwide.

Looking to be more efficient and agile when training their new staff, MSC Cruises wanted to make use of our virtual reality solution ‘VR Training’ to be able to train a larger number of new crew members at the same time.

Through our software, each incoming crew member has the possibility to test their skills through an immersive 360° itinerary. The user can move and interact with different parts of the ship in an extremely realistic way and perform tests related to operational procedures of the cruise ship to learn how to handle it.


275% increased self-confidence

They feel more qualified and they make less mistakes

4X more user concentration

The user pays more attention to training

4X faster than training in a learning center

Get them trained 4 times faster

3.75X more emotionally connected to content

Generates positive emotions in users during the learning process

Immersive training

Crew feels they are really on board

Understanding their mistakes

Record decision making and help them to learn


MSC Cruises needed a virtual reality solution for crew training that would significantly enhance the learning experience in a way that would make it more interactive and create more interest in the staff to ensure high quality training.


In Innoarea we found the solution by developing a virtual reality application that meets the requirements of the MSC Cruises challenge, where users who make use of the platform can take a 3D tour through the cabin of the cruise ship feeling that they are really there.


For this project Innoarea Projects uses PCs that allow new employees to quickly settle into their workplace. We modeled and recreated this training environment in 3D allowing the MSC Cruises crew to perform the tests in a space that generates a sense of realism.

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