KUKA robotics

Mixed Reality Showroom for KUKA's new cobot

KUKA shows its new cobot “LBR iiwa” through a showroom that integrates Mixed Reality. With the use of this technological application developed by Innoarea the user can have a realistic and immersive product experience.

LBR iiwa is the first mass-produced robot with sensitive capabilities, and therefore the first one ready for human-robot collaboration from KUKA Roboter GmbH, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial robots and automated manufacturing solutions systems with more than 100 years of experience. The company is one of the global leaders in intelligent automation solutions.

Leaders in innovation

KUKA is positioned as an innovative company in the sector

Cost savings

Costs are reduced


Improved sales tools


The challenge of the project is to find a way to show the cobot in a way that detailed information about the product can be presented, which in this case is very specific and detailed. There is also the requirement to see how the robot works, so that the customer can realize what the real benefits of the product are. For a technology company like KUKA, it is also important to keep the brand image in the presentation of the product.


KUKA's problems are solved with the virtual showroom solution, which also integrates Mixed Reality to show the real robot operation in assembly work and to analyze the processes, times and advantages of the product. In a simple way and making use of its sensors, the user can perform a series of manual movements that the robot will then perform automatically.


Microsoft HoloLens is an intelligent Mixed Reality device, a perfect combination of virtual reality and augmented reality. Through this product it is possible to create new spaces in which real or virtual objects and people can interact in a comfortable and immersive way. This tool, applied in the industrial sector, gives the worker total freedom in his hands, being able to perform any type of task, such as repairing machines, while consulting the extra information that appears on the screen in front of his eyes.

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