AR Catalog for Pygsa machines

Pygsa is a supplier of industrial machinery for quality control. They are specialized in installation of artificial vision machinery for end of line. Pygsa has established itself as one of the leading companies at national level in the market of machine vision systems and is immersed in a process of internationalization. In addition, Pygsa designs and integrates systems that improve the automation of our customers’ production plants and ensure the quality of the products they manufacture. Thanks to the AR Catalog, Pygsa has been able to present its 3D machines in an innovative way.


Innovation leaders

Pygsa is positioned as an innovative company within its sector.

3D visualization of machines

Augmented Reality allows you to create an interactive experience with products.

Cost savings and Marketing

Reuse of expertise without investment and improvement of communication and sales tools.


This company wants to improve the visualization of its machines to make it easier for customers to understand. The challenge is the magnitude of the machines that makes it difficult to transport and install them at the time of their presentation, being very specific and complex. The challenge is to find a tool that allows to give all the necessary information to customers. Pygsa also seeks to present a product in an innovative way to convey a positive image and attract more customers.


To meet Pygsa's needs, we resorted to the AR Catalog solution that allows them to display their machines in 3D through a simple application for mobile devices. The Pygsa AR APP works as a virtual catalog of Pygsa's machines and interacts with the company's physical catalog. The use of Augmented Reality through mobile devices brings a great added value to the traditional catalog as it allows to keep a statistical control of all the data that are recorded when the customer uses the application.


Augmented Reality (or Augmented Reality, AR) is a technology that allows us to superimpose virtual elements over our vision of reality. It also allows us to magnify what our eyes see, using technological devices such as cell phones, tablets, etc. This type of technology helps us to generate experiences that allow us to know in depth our environment in 3D, in real time and with its real dimensions.

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