Ainia consumer experience analysis

Ainia, one of the leading technology hubs in Europe, has years of experience researching the application of new technologies in different areas, such as consumer perception before the launch of new products or the customer behavior study on the supermarket shelf.

Innoarea developed a virtual reality tasting application for Ainia in which the user is immersed in an interactive experience when tasting a food or drink, simulating different real consumption scenarios.

360º consumer experience

High-definition technology for product validation and sensory analysis

Real consumer context

Application that introduces the user to a realistic product consumer experience

Innovative, agile and user-friendly APP

Easy access to the APP and natural interaction through controllers


Ainia's aim in this project is to reproduce the contextual consumer variables to study the effects they have on the emotional experience of the user. In this way, it is possible to obtain valuable and relevant information about the customer's approval in the food choice process by generating a sensory consumption experience


We developed Ainia Consumer, a virtual reality application that allows immersive product testing, in which the consumer experiences the food or beverage in different contexts: a restaurant, a terrace and a kitchen, a key aspect in the successful launch of new products


The virtual reality device for which we have developed the application is the PICO G2 4K Enterprise glasses. This viewer has an external RGB camera that allows the customer to be immersed in the experience and at the same time visualize the space in which they are

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