Prevention VR
Virtual platform designed for occupational risk prevention

Increase plant safety with Prevention VR, a Virtual Reality training platform where workers learn by testing themselves in risk scenarios.

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Process monitoring

Easily check the operations performed by workers, through the evaluation platform

User-friendly platform

No complications. The user accesses the platform, chooses the module and starts the virtual training

24/7 advanced technical support

You have an expert always ready to provide you support


Access to the platform

The user creates an account and enters the e-learning platform


Choose the training to be carried out

He enters in the specific prevention module: office, industry or construction site


And... starts practicing dangerous tasks in a safe way

He puts on the VR headset and controllers to start the practical training, which can then be reviewed by the trainer

Prevention VR Try it Free for 14 days

    275% improvement in self-confidence

    Employees feel more prepared and make fewer mistakes in real work environments

    4X higher user concentration

    No distractions. Achieves more user attention to the training

    4X faster than classroom training

    Accelerates the learning curve of employees by getting them trained 4X faster

    3.75X more emotionally connected to the content

    Generate positive emotions in users during the learning process

    Download our technical sheet about Prevention VR

    All the specifications of this product in a single sheet

    Download technical sheet

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