Showroom VR
Product showcase in an immersive environment

360 photo showroom

Virtual product showroom example based on real stereoscopic 360 images.

3D web Showroom

Example of a 3D Showroom consisting of a trade show booth with interactivity.

360 render Showroom

Virtual showroom example for industrial machinery made with 360 rendering.

Introduce potential customers in a 100% digital virtual space achieving stunning product presentations. Users will have an interactive VR experience in which they will be able to move around any exhibition space or installation as if they were there and interact with all kinds of objects: from a complete catalog of industrial machines to small tools or engineering processes.

Showroom VR de Innoarea en stand de Trumpf
Ejemplo Showroom VR de Innoarea para vivienda
Ejemplo Showroom VR de Innoarea para vivienda

Meet some of the leading clients for Innoarea's VR Showroom

logo porcelanosa cliente innoarea
logo kuka cliente innoarea
logo Generalitat Valenciana cliente innoarea
logo Aimplas cliente innoarea
logo hotel las arenas cliente innoarea
logo sp berner cliente innoarea
logo AIDIMME cliente innoarea
logo trumpf cliente innoarea

Fully customizable space

We customize the virtual spaces according to the client's requirements

24/7 advanced technical support

You have an expert always ready to provide you support


Available for mobile, tablet, PC / Mac / VR devices

An interactive product experience in 3 simple steps:


Enter into the platform

The customer goes into the virtual space through Virtual Reality glasses. Multiple users can join the same showroom.


Connect with your customers in the immersive space

The client visualizes the products in detail and experiences a live immersive product demonstration.


Unlimited use

The virtual showroom can be experienced as many times as required by the customer, reducing costs compared to physical spaces.

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    Download our Showroom VR datasheet

    All the specifications of this product in a single sheet

    Download datasheet

    Infinite use

    Show your virtual showroom whenever you want without additional costs


    No user physical limit

    No displacement

    There is no need to move the physical product


    User can interact with the product or service

    Visualize the physical product in detail

    Provide a detailed product overview even inside them

    High brand retention in the customer's mind

    Connect on a different level with potential customers

    It is time to bring innovation to your company

    Contact us and our team will help you boost your company at a technological level

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