E-Learning VR
Virtual spaces to engage students in an immersive learning experience

Provide university students with the most innovative technology to create, learn and train their skills in customized virtual classrooms with interactive 3D content. The E-Learning tool has been designed to bring teachers and students together in the same VR space, where students learn in an agile way and put their knowledge into practice through fully immersive lessons

sala de e-learning de innoarea
sala de e-learning de innoarea
sala de e-learning de innoarea

Customized immersive classes

Create, share and interact with students in a custom-designed virtual space

Realistic interactive avatars

Educators and students interact through natural 3D avatars

24/7 Advanced technical support

You have an expert always ready to provide you with help

Reporting and tracking

Monitor and evaluate each student's learning progress

Try it without any obligation

Request an E-Learning demo and try it for free

Unlimited student access

Host an unlimited number of students in the classroom

The most intuitive and easy-to-use virtual application


The user joins in the virtual space

Through virtual reality goggles, students and educators enter into the customized application live


The student interacts with the 3D content

Once the student connects to the APP, he/she starts to practice simulations to have a better understanding of topics


Get reports and metrics for each student

Know the progression of each student by accessing time and performance metrics in the simulated environment

Voice communication
3D objects
3D objects
Image gallery

E-learning AR Get in touch for a custom development

    4X increased student concentration

    Makes the student pay more attention during learning

    4X faster than classroom training

    Speeds up the learning curve by getting them to learn 4X faster

    3.75X more emotionally connected to the content

    Generates positive emotions in learners during the learning process

    At their own pace, in or out of the classroom

    Students can connect from anywhere

    Track your students' progress

    Evaluate the knowledge acquired and know the degree to which they have assimilated it

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