AR Catalog
APP which shows the physical catalog product in 3D with Augmented Reality

The Augmented Reality catalog is a digital layer that allows customers to visualize your products in 3D in the real environment, showing objects in their dimension and volume, overcoming the physical catalog limits.

Catálogo AR de Innoarea
Catálogo AR de Innoarea
Catálogo AR de Innoarea

Meet some of the leading clients using AR Catalog from Innoarea

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The virtual catalog is available for Android and iOS devices

User-friendly catalog

No complications, download the APP, point the phone’s camera to the catalog and view the product in augmented reality

24/7 Advanced technical support

You have an expert always ready to provide you support

How it works

An intuitive and simple product visualization APP


Download the APP

Download the App on your mobile or tablet


Point to the physical catalog

Point the camera to the product you want to visualize


Product visualization

Visualize in Augmented Reality the product in the real size

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    Customize instantly

    The customer can interact with the objects and modify object attributes to configure different finishes quickly

    Fully interactive

    Zoom, rotate, pinch and add the product in real size in the environment to feel a real interaction

    Interactive 3D catalog

    Reach your audience with a living catalog which brings a higher experience than the printed one

    Augmented product

    Visualize products in real dimension, being able to see technical specifications and detailed product processes which provide additional information

    Automatic reports of APP use

    Keep track of the products in your catalog which generate the most interest

    Wow experience

    AR Catalog generates a surprising effect on customers


    A differentiated way to experience catalog, from all angles, without having to travel or use physical product samples

    Carry the industrial catalog in your pocket

    With the AR Catalog app you only need your smartphone or tablet to present an unlimited number of machines in AR

    Download our AR Catalog data sheet

    All the specifications of this product in a single sheet

    Download datasheet

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