Tech Breakfast with Naturgy about machine vision

Last Wednesday we had the opportunity to visit the innovation space of Naturgy (Innovahub) located in Madrid where this company usually organizes breakfasts attended by relevant companies of the innovation ecosystem to talk about emerging technologies of the moment.

Naturgy Energy Group is one of the largest international operators in the gas, electricity and renewable energy market. The company is present in 30 countries and is headquartered in Madrid.

From time to time, Naturgy gathers experts, managers, stakeholders and startups in its foundation building to explore a topic of interest to the corporation and in this Tech Breakfast, the main focus of the interventions was artificial vision and, more specifically, how this artificial intelligence system can detect problems to provide innovative solutions in the industrial sector.

On this occasion, the organizers invited us to participate in the event as speakers and also because they wanted to have a space where attendees could see augmented reality solutions oriented to telecare. So, they contacted us and invited us to bring a demo to show our remote communication service between an operator and an expert through augmented reality technology.

As mentioned, our colleague Raul Martinez, Business Developer of Innoarea Projects, was one of the speakers at this meeting and during his speech he talked about the projects that we develop in Innoarea hand in hand with immersive technologies of virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

Especially, he commented that our company is carrying out projects that have to do with showrooms and virtual catalogs; online training through virtual reality; as well as telecare through augmented reality and trainings oriented to the preparation of qualified personnel.

At the stand set up for us, we were able to show some of the services that are most in demand by companies, such as Training VR, a virtual reality training system that allows operators to face simulations of real cases in a controlled virtual environment, thus preparing them to solve complex situations and tasks thanks to virtual reality. We got a very good feeling from the event since the attendees were very happy with the demonstrations we did at our stand.

Finally, we would like to thank the Naturgy organization for giving us this opportunity, thanks to which we were able to learn about the emerging technologies that will transform the industry in the coming years. We would also like to thank the people who managed the event for the treatment we received.

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