Take your group photo this Christmas without fear and remotely!

This year what do we do with the Christmas photo, just those of us at home?

You’ve probably asked yourself these questions too!

This year it will be very difficult to get together with the whole family and the different friends groups. It will be the first year where we won’t be able to take the typical photos that we like so much, even with a mask.

But here at Innoarea we have thought on a technological, safe and covid-free solution!

We have developed for you a web application that allows you to take a personalized Christmas photo with whoever you want, and attention… there is no limit to the number of people!

Get cute and take a selfie! You can choose from the backgrounds and designs you like the most.

Share the application and create the group photo! It’s really easy.

It is also possible to download it, share it, print it while keeping all the security measures in place when taking your Christmas photos this 2020 with all your family and friends.

We already have it! What are you waiting for?

Click here to create your Christmas photo!

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