AR and VR solutions for
health and safety

Training VR

Get better-trained workers through a "learning by doing" methodology

E-Learning VR

A world of unlimited possibilities

Training VR

Get better-trained workers through a "learning by doing" methodology

Prepare your company's employees with Training VR, a tool developed for training in industrial companies which uses virtual reality technology to simulate emergency scenarios in a controlled virtual environment. Train new staff quickly and efficiently to solve risky incidents. Safely

  • Simulates workplace situations without the risk of occupational accidents
  • No limit on capacity and no time restrictions
  • Available 24/7 and with the possibility of portability
  • Track, evaluate and monitor the mistakes and individual worker operations through metrics stored in the APP
  • Reduce training costs with this reusable training
E-Learning VR

A world of unlimited possibilities

Prepare the future high-level professionals. Medical or nursing students can use virtual reality technology to practice their knowledge and develop their skills in real-life situations immersed in a 3D virtual reality environment. Without any risk. The E-Learning VR solution is focused on students from educational institutions such as universities and R&D&I entities as scientific institutions, research hospitals and health institutes

  • Improved learning and teaching processes for the next generation of healthcare professionals
  • The student can repeat the medical-health techniques as many times as needed
  • Training with different levels of difficulty according to the ability of the trainee

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